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Why are people blaming this on Taylor? He’s not the one who unfollowed Nash and he’s not the one ignoring their phone calls. He’s only taking to social media because he literally has no other way of actually saying something to them. 


im gonna need everyone that doesn’t like taylor to watch this video

he came out and told us to all get into a circle, then he sat down with us all and said “i want to help you guys if youve been suicidal or anything like that” then some girls came forward and talked about their problems with suicide, taylor prayed for each of them and told us to all pray with him. He then started to pray for his grandma(i think) and his little brother and his family and thanking us for being there for him. he started to shed some tears at one point and it honestly broke my heart to see him like that

so yeah, why don’t you tell me some more about how he’s a douche??? enlighten me

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Taylor needs to follow my example. My “best friend” told me she couldn’t come to my graduation party because it was her grandfather’s birthday but she really went to hang out with her friends (stupid enough to post on twitter) AND ignored my messages when I went to her crying.

So guess what I did, I started ignoring that bitch every time she wanted to reach out to me.